Getting ready for KFC Battle Main Event

Team life

All 5 team players are in the best mood, training every day and polishing skills. Yesterday we had a great 4 hours training session with our mentor DkPhobos ?

Special thanks to Samsung Ukraine for helping to organize MT Bootcamp ♥️


MT goes Moscow to play KFC Battle 2019 Main Event!!!

In an exciting fight with the M5 Academy, our guys achieve a great victory and will play the KFC Battle 2019 Main Event in Moscow July 13-14! ?


MT confidently wins their first KFC battle game (Closed Qualifier)

Our guys nefrit, Belony, youth, dark and Dodjiee confidently defeated Team Siberian at the start of KFC Battle 2019 in Group C.

Today at 17:00 Kyiv time, the team will meet with the next rival Moscow Five Academy


We are the champions of University Master Cup 2019!

We won our first LAN final and became champions of the University Master Cup 2019!

In the final, our team 2:0 defeated the team Blacer.S [BLC.S] to receive the first place prize 35000UAH!


We will play University Master Cup 2019 final!

This Sunday we will play our first LAN-final! Our special student-based team MT.Univer have reached the final of University Master Cup 2019 hosted by Mastercard and Esports Ukraine.

In the final, we will play versus Team Sunder to find who will become the champion of UMC 2019!


Team life

Team in a good mood, sharping skills for the next Dota 2 update

The next Dota 2 update will define the new game meta, which will be the foundation for the tactics and strategies at The International 2019.

Our players are training hard every day playing with great opponents to be in perfect shape this competitive summer.


MT victorious in KFC Battle 2019 open qualification

Great news from MT Gaming Dota 2! We have been qualified via the open qualification KFC Battle 2019 and now we train hard to be in the best shape for the next stage.

The winners of the KFC Battle finals will go to the biggest Dota 2 tournament - The International 2019 in Shanghai!

Team life

Play for fun!

Rule number one — enjoy the game! ?

And last week, our team was able to defeat the OpenAI Five (who has fantastic 99.4% win rate).

It took 44 minutes 15 seconds for our team.

Dark — talented support and a great guy

It is time to get acquainted with our organization a little closer. We will tell about all the members of our team, their work, and other interesting stuff.

The first guest of our column will be Jacob “Dark” Grabar - support position 5 and just a great person. ?

? About Dota 2
The first Dota was mainstream. And everyone played it. My friends called me to try. And so it began, and Dota 2 is the result) I really like the competitive part and the rivalry. A lot of diversity and various options for all elements of the game. This is my hobby, my passion and now it has grown into something more.

? About Position 5.
It so happened that he played with a friend and went to the same line with him. Constantly. This was before the system's ranked, well, and I had to support in most cases.

? What is important in teammates.
Perseverance, desire and passion for self-development and interpersonal skills, as well as a positive attitude. ?

The richest esports athlete in the world

Do you know who is the richest esports athlete in the world?

The fact that esports can bring good money is still not fixed in our minds, but let's find out a few facts together:

1. The richest esports athlete is ??Kuro Salehi Takhasomi, aka “KuroKy”. He earned as much as $ 4,165,926.9, which can not but admire. Discipline - Dota 2.
2. In the top ten of the richest are also such famous players as: ??N0tail, Miracle-, ??MinD_ContRoL, ??Matumban, ??JerAx, ??SumaiL, ??GH, ??UNiVeRsE and ??ppd . They all made a fortune playing Dota 2.
3. Little, a lot, as many as 68 players became dollar millionaires only thanks to the prize from various tournaments. ?

This can not but inspire!

Dota 2 terms

? "Very incomprehensible!"

Yes Yes! This is exactly the thought that occurs in 99% of people who first decided to get acquainted with eSports and turned on their first match. (consider Dota 2 option)

And now, when you already understood that the battle of the ancients was happening on the screen, but the commentators give out a strange “enough FARMING CRIPES”, the “Radiant” has “better pick,” but they need to “DESTROY BARACKS” and so on - comes to the aid of the rubric easy dota.

Let's start the same! Part 1.
(Do not forget to like, so as not to lose.)

? Creeps - game units. There are two types - "on the line" and "creeps in the forest." For killing or day creeps you get gold and experience.
? Line - the line on which the battle takes place. There are three types:
? Easy Line - easy line,
? Mead - middle line,
? Hardline / Hardy - a complex line.
On the "minimap" the top line is called the "Top", the bottom "Bot";
? Denai - finish off your creep and not give the enemy hero experience and gold;
? Farm - to devote time to farming, i.e. Get a lot of gold and experience, killing a large number of creeps on the lines and in the forest.

Enough for today. Did you like it?

Team life

Saturday team meeting

It's time to tell how our team spent this Saturday. The day was extraordinary. ? I hope you will be interested and you support us likes. ?

It is important to note that competent planning is the key to success by 50%. Therefore, we thank our management in the person of Oleg Boiko and Ivan Danishevsky for this day ✌️

According to the plan, we had breakfast, a photo session at a computer club, a photo session at the studio, lunch, a meeting with a coach, a go-kart and a viewing of True Sight to raise morale. ? Is it possible to come up with something better?