Dark — talented support and a great guy

It is time to get acquainted with our organization a little closer. We will tell about all the members of our team, their work, and other interesting stuff.

The first guest of our column will be Jacob “Dark” Grabar - support position 5 and just a great person. ?

? About Dota 2
The first Dota was mainstream. And everyone played it. My friends called me to try. And so it began, and Dota 2 is the result) I really like the competitive part and the rivalry. A lot of diversity and various options for all elements of the game. This is my hobby, my passion and now it has grown into something more.

? About Position 5.
It so happened that he played with a friend and went to the same line with him. Constantly. This was before the system's ranked, well, and I had to support in most cases.

? What is important in teammates.
Perseverance, desire and passion for self-development and interpersonal skills, as well as a positive attitude. ?