Dota 2 terms

? "Very incomprehensible!"

Yes Yes! This is exactly the thought that occurs in 99% of people who first decided to get acquainted with eSports and turned on their first match. (consider Dota 2 option)

And now, when you already understood that the battle of the ancients was happening on the screen, but the commentators give out a strange “enough FARMING CRIPES”, the “Radiant” has “better pick,” but they need to “DESTROY BARACKS” and so on - comes to the aid of the rubric easy dota.

Let's start the same! Part 1.
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? Creeps - game units. There are two types - "on the line" and "creeps in the forest." For killing or day creeps you get gold and experience.
? Line - the line on which the battle takes place. There are three types:
? Easy Line - easy line,
? Mead - middle line,
? Hardline / Hardy - a complex line.
On the "minimap" the top line is called the "Top", the bottom "Bot";
? Denai - finish off your creep and not give the enemy hero experience and gold;
? Farm - to devote time to farming, i.e. Get a lot of gold and experience, killing a large number of creeps on the lines and in the forest.

Enough for today. Did you like it?