The richest esports athlete in the world

Do you know who is the richest esports athlete in the world?

The fact that esports can bring good money is still not fixed in our minds, but let's find out a few facts together:

1. The richest esports athlete is ??Kuro Salehi Takhasomi, aka “KuroKy”. He earned as much as $ 4,165,926.9, which can not but admire. Discipline - Dota 2.
2. In the top ten of the richest are also such famous players as: ??N0tail, Miracle-, ??MinD_ContRoL, ??Matumban, ??JerAx, ??SumaiL, ??GH, ??UNiVeRsE and ??ppd . They all made a fortune playing Dota 2.
3. Little, a lot, as many as 68 players became dollar millionaires only thanks to the prize from various tournaments. ?

This can not but inspire!